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Products & Services

Awnings - A must-have! Instantly increases the value of your home and is a home-highlight!


Greenhouses - Want to have a year-round garden? Our greenhouses will keep your plants safe.


Gazebos - Traditional or Modern Style (many varieties). Another popular home-highlight!


Garages - Car, RV, Boat, Plane, Tractor, etc.


Home/ Office Units - Whether you want a getaway cabin or need an extra workspace, we can get creative!


Small Units - Lawn Mower, Storage, ATV, Pets, etc.


Agricultural - Store feed, livestock, machinery, etc. Our shelters are more affordable than traditional buildings, tax-free, portable, and can handle severe weather.  


Commercial - From ski resorts to highway safety, if you can draw it, we can build it. 


Installation & Delivery - Our product would arrive already partly constructed with easy-to-follow color coding. If you still would like help, we have workers available that could put it together for you. Rates depend on distance and hours required. 


Covers - If you need something covered, even something that you didn't buy from us, we can do any size, shape, or color. From pool and hot tub covers to greenhouses and garages, our heavy duty covers will withstand extreme weather.


Carpentry Work - Our family has a rich history in carpentry, previously known as H.H. Vincent & Sons, and we continue to do work in that field. 


1.) Where do you live? Are you surrounded by trees or right next to the beach? Does your area get heavy snowfall, strong winds, strong sunlight, etc.? This consideration helps us determine the structural integrity design of your unit so that it will withstand several feet of snow, 50+ mph winds, and/ or regular 100 degree temperatures. 


2.) What's your goal and budget? We at Northeast Shelters have a different business model than most companies that are like us. All of our material is built in the United States and we collaborate with other small businesses to create a quality design that will last you 15-20 years (and much longer if you follow our tips and tricks). Our structures are also portable, meaning that they don't need a building permit to build and they won't affect your taxes.  

3.) Remember...we are a custom manufacturer. We can pretty much build anything you want, so when you call us, try to have an idea of the size (Length, Width, Height) you're looking for. This will help us to give you a better over-the-phone estimate. We have most colors in stock, so you will have many options to choose from, we have different fabric options, pipe options, and more. If you're unsure, we're more than willing to help you out and help you think through it. 

4.) Family companies survive on their reputation. We've been very thankful to remain in business for over 30 years and it's because of the customer. We're not here to trick you! We want you to be very satisfied in our product. We hold ourselves and our employees to a high standard of integrity. For example, founder of Northeast Shelters, Charles Vincent, personally goes to several of the fairs in NY and job sites - there is no middleman that you need to worry about when you work with us.  

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